Laika & Iko

Laika and Iko are adjusting well to their new life on the family ranch in Theon, Texas.

Laika (left) is the oldest of the Johnson pack and considers herself the boss. She is a standard-sized salt and pepper schnauzer. She was adopted as a puppy and has grown up with the Johnson's girls. Laika is as smart as they come and loves long walks on country trails, belly rubs, and doing tricks for treats. Some of her favorite tricks are spin, shake, and playing dead. 

Unlike Laika, Iko (right) gets by on his good looks. He originally joined the family to be raised for a year as a puppy before returning to a guide dog center, where he would be trained as a guide dog for the blind. Iko unfortunately flunked out of guide dog training. However, as soon as the Johnsons got a call with the news, they jumped in the car to pick him up.  If you meet Iko, you'll quickly see he is sweet as pie and the perfect family dog. 


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